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Latin name: Murlus surmuletus.

Fishing method: Rigged (anchored) gillnets.

This little goldfish looks nothing like the one you find in your aquariums!

Its particularity is located at the level of the chin, it has two long barbels which earn it the name “goat fish” for some.

It contains fine, white, quality flesh but it does, however, contain a little more bones than a classic white fish. Like the gurnard, red mullet is often cooked in the traditional bouillabaisse, but it is a fish that can be eaten grilled or fried.

  • How to cook red mullet?

This fish is ideal for the spring and summer season because it is most often cooked grilled or a la plancha. Its little extra is that it goes well with citrus fruits and vegetables, which makes it really easy to cook. Its flesh is thin and fragile, you should avoid overcooking it, the ideal is to pan-fry it, or just grill it. You can also prepare it in the oven in foil with a little fennel but you have to watch the cooking!

  • How to store red mullet?

You can store it in its vacuum packaging according to the shelf life indicated on the label or if you want to consume it a little later, freeze it for up to 3 months in the freezer.

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