Fregula Sarda Tanda and Spada

Fregula Sarda Tanda and Spada

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Fregula Sarda is a type of durum wheat semolina pasta, characteristic of the Sardinian region in Italy, reminiscent of couscous in its shape. Prized for its unique texture and ability to absorb flavors, it constitutes a pillar of the island's gastronomy.

It stands out for its artisanal manufacturing method, which involves rubbing semolina with water to form small balls, then roasting to obtain a golden color and a slightly toasted taste. This specialty is at the heart of Sardinian culinary traditions, offering an authentic taste experience.

Versatile, Fregula Sarda pairs perfectly with a variety of ingredients. It is traditionally served with seafood preparations, which highlights the richness of Sardinia's marine resources. It also finds its place in dishes based on legumes, meat sauces, and vegetables, reflecting the diversity of the island's agricultural products. In soups, it provides a comforting consistency, while in salads, once cooled, it offers a pleasant texture and rich taste.

Incorporating Fregula Sarda into your kitchen means inviting a piece of the island of Sardinia to your table, exploring recipes that range from the most traditional to the most innovative, while celebrating the richness of Mediterranean flavors.

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