Norwegian King Salmon Mowi 200g
Norwegian King Salmon Mowi 200g
Norwegian King Salmon Mowi 200g
Norwegian King Salmon Mowi 200g
Norwegian King Salmon Mowi 200g
Norwegian King Salmon Mowi 200g

Norwegian King Salmon Mowi 200g

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Salmon Recipe

High quality Mowi salmon imported from Norway



Nutritional values ​​per 100g:

Energy (JK): 832
Energy (kcal): 200
Fat (g): 13
of which saturated (g): 1.8
Carbohydrates (g): <0.5
of which sugars (g): <0.5
Protein (g): 20
Salt (g): 0.11

  • How to cook salmon?

Salmon lends itself to multiple recipes, raw in tartare or carpaccio or even in sushi or Poke Bowl or cooked in foil, in the oven or on one side.

  • How to freeze salmon?

All our fish are ultra-fresh and can be frozen. Place them directly in the freezer in their vacuum packaging and allow 24 hours to defrost them in your refrigerator.

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Norwegian King Salmon Mowi

A Revolution in Aquaculture

Our Mowi Norwegian King Salmon is farmed using the innovation of Mowi 4.0 Smart Farming . This cutting-edge technology includes remote operations centers, automatic feeding and real-time monitoring to ensure optimal fish quality and welfare.

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A Commitment to Sustainability and Animal Welfare

Mowi is firmly committed to strict standards for sustainability and animal welfare. Their responsible farming method not only focuses on superior product quality, but also plays a key role in preserving the marine environment, demonstrating a balance between quality production and ecological responsibility.

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Exceptional Quality and Incomparable Taste

Mowi produces high quality farmed salmon, with rigorous standards and advanced technological monitoring. More than 90% of their salmon is classified without defects. Mowi's factories comply with Global Food Safety Initiative standards, ensuring that all of their salmon suppliers are also GFSI certified.

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Yes, farmed salmon is safe to eat. Industry regulations and standards ensure that farmed salmon is carefully monitored for quality and safety. It is regularly tested for contaminants and meets strict food safety standards.

Mowi's sustainable salmon farming practices aim to minimize environmental impact. These efforts include waste management, water quality, and responsible use of fish feed. Mowi farms adhere to rigorous sustainability certifications to ensure environmentally friendly operations.

No, farmed salmon is not artificially dyed to achieve its color. Its pink hue comes from natural compounds such as astaxanthin, found in their diet. This color is similar to that of wild salmon, which also comes from its diet. Farmed salmon feeds are formulated to replicate the nutrients found in their natural diet, ensuring their color and nutritional quality.

Farmed salmon has nutritional value equivalent to that of wild salmon. Extensive research has been conducted to perfect the diets and living conditions of farmed salmon to bring them as close as possible to their wild counterparts. Although some have personal preferences for texture and color, which may influence their impression of farmed and wild salmon, their tastes and nutritional profiles are almost identical. Both are excellent sources of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Some even argue that farmed salmon is healthier because its intake can be controlled, unlike wild salmon which feeds freely in the ocean.